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We NIFTECS are a unique Software and web developers,digital & media marketing agency. We bring
a crafted and inspired approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us and
why they keep coming back.

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We recognize the power of internet and mobile in the current dispensation, our latest websites, web applications and mobile apps are geared towards mobile responsiveness. We let you harness the power of your handheld devices

What we do, Our services in nutshell


Our Vision

To unearth new technologies and ICT culture which will enable company deliver unique and quality products to its client while aiming multi-sector and multi-national company growth

Mission Statement

To be a multi-sector and multi-national company, providing unique and quality software solutions.

Our Objectives

  • To be the number #1 provider of web and graphics services in Kenya and beyond.
  • Remain flexible and adaptable at all times.
  • Providing our customers with highly visible sites and recognizable brands.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement in order to maintain customer service, quality of our products and self improvement.
  • Stay up-to date on every web technology available to us to and use it to provide better service.
  • Introducing new trends and products in ICT sector and other sectors.
  • Embrace growth by setting targets and achieving them
  • Increasing our customer base through having multiple ventures.
  • Ensure that our products and services are delivered as promised.

Our Core Values

  • Professionalism – development and delivery of products of highest possible industry standards
  • Reliability – ensured maximum efficiency in our products and available for product support
  • Integrity– no compromise in delivering what client requested for as per specification
  • Confidentiality – handle any sensitive information given with privacy it deserves.

Web Design and Development

Using a common sense approach to design and lay out, our websites embody more than just fancy images. We consider the type of technology clients/visitors are using and their needs while visiting the site to help create a better user experience.

Our team of developers then turns these ideas and designs into functional, reliable websites. Those websites need the ability to grow with your business and respond to an increasing list of display formats, from desktops and laptops to phones and tablets.

Visitors on your sites need to stay and enjoy the experience.

Restructuring & Optimization

Web-pages can and will look pretty different from one another, but they all tend to share similar standard components, unless the page is displaying a full-screen video or game,or is part of some kind of art project, or is just badly structured.
Professional websites make use of standard structuring that places content in their right section rather than throwing content all over the pages. Our team of developers and web reviewers carry out professional content placement that is inline with search engine crawlers allowing your site to enjoy the best results in web searches.
You don't need just a website, you need a website that stands out among the several sites running on the WWW.

Search Engine Optimization

Niftecs Search Engine Optimization services are unique with verifiable results. Our SEO team has a track record of improving the online conspicuousness of  websites using Google optimization techniques.

So, Do you want your website to be found in the search engines? Do you want a consistent, long-term stream of visitors to your website? SEO is a great solution. We happen to be really good at SEO too.

Don't struggle to be found and being visible, Niftecs SEO has your back.

Digital/ Online Marketing

The Internet gives any brand an almost limitless audience of potential clients.Your business can use it’s website’s content to gain brand exposure, attract more traffic, produce leads, and convert them through the sales process to being clients.

A crucial part of online marketing today is creating content that educates, solves problems, and shows your expertise; lest you will fall behind. And definitely Niftecs will guide you in each of these steps and emerge a champ.

In a red ocean market, let Niftecs turn it blue using Online Marketing.

Web Tracking and Analytics

Web Analytics and Tracking is one of the most effective tools in internet marketing. By leveraging web analytics data, marketers can gain insight to not only how much traffic is coming to their sites, but how that traffic is getting there, and what users are doing onsite. This intelligence can help marketers streamline and improve their marketing efforts  and their websites.

Niftecs has a team of Google Certified Analytics Experts that can smash up web analytics for you.

Don't leave data lying idle; let Niftecs make use of it you - Analytics.

Branding Services/ Identity Creation

Let’s build you into an identity system that differentiates you from the competition.
At Niftecs, we will be focused on your brand simplify and clarify who they are and what they stand for. From strategy to activation, we collaborate with our clients to craft the content, moments, and messages that build modern brands, and express them clearly, authentically, and in unexpected ways.

Let Niftecs make you the most outstanding brand, through our branding and identity creation.

Signage Solutions

Displays (Including Digital Signage)in high-traffic areas are changing the face of our public spaces and the possibilities for signage are everywhere. Whether used for informational messaging, advertising, entertainment or architectural ambiance, these signage displays can transform the visibility and perception of your brand.
Niftecs is on the forefront  offerings displays that are designed for the rigors of public venue installations, while delivering beautiful imagery that will transform your image and brand.

Move your brand from oblivion to conspicuousness by Niftecs Signage Services.

Printing Services

Enjoy various professional printing and design services including:

  • Additive Manufacturing (3D-Printing)
  • Banner design and printing services
  • Brochures designing and printing
  • Book/pamphlet/bulk printing

Leave an outstanding impression with Niftecs Printing Services